Zombie Girlscouts


I went to the store on a Saturday afternoon, and was delighted to see the girl scouts were selling cookies. I always buy a few boxes, so I put my groceries in the car and came back to buy. There were two girls holding signs, and one says to the other, as I’m standing in front of them, that she would get the next customer. When she stopped talking she began looking past me, as if waiting for someone better to show up. I finally broke the awkward silence and told her I’d like to buy some cookies. She looks at me with disgust and motions behind her with her thumb “they’re right there”. So I step behind her to the table, where the table attendant just looks at me with a blank stare.

Apparently this is the zombie Girl Scout troop.  I tell her I want to buy some cookies. She tells one of the junior officers to help me. They finally take my order for 4 boxes, and hand me the cookies. Now I guess everyone is supposed to know how much they cost, but I don’t keep that kind of stuff in my brain. I have enough to worry about than to try to remember what Girl Scout cookies cost a year ago. Besides, who’s to say the price is the same every year? After an awkward pause, I ask how much. Again, with attitude, senior bitchy scout says “16 dollars”. Obviously I have inconvenienced them- maybe they were all Facebooking when I showed up. Or, being the zombie troop, were just waiting for nightfall. Whatever the deal was, next year I’m avoiding that troop. I came across this photo on the web- I think this girl was in the troop……..