Lift the window shade, people!

PictureObviously my seat has the open window.

I boarded a flight recently and thanks to an upgrade was in first class. It was midday when we boarded but cabin was dark, and for good reason. Every single window shade was pulled down. That seemed weird to me.I realize that frequent flyers are usually in that cabin, so I expect they get bored with watching the earth pass by below. They probably have very important things to do on their computer/tablet/phone/whatever. Or even better, they need to watch movies they never had an interest in until they were stuck at 30,000 feet, and then they became the most interesting movies ever.

I decided to look back into the main cabin to see if the shades were pulled down there as well. And yes, a large percentage were. Why? Do these people have any idea what they are missing? Or does no one care anymore because everyone is addicted to their device and are looking at some electronic screen at all times?

Whatever the reason, they are missing a lot. The world passing by outside the window of an airplane deserves a look now and then. I realize when it’s night or one is flying through weather it might not be terribly interesting. And yes, even I get bored looking at clouds on a long flight, but I almost always find something interesting at some point. On a recent flight I even watched a drone go right under our wing after takeoff. That was followed by an expletive and made for some interesting discussions among my seatmates, the crew and eventually the FAA. But most of the time, the sights are much nicer. Here’s just a sample of what people are missing!